Sewing Desk Repurpose Project

Two weeks ago I went to Goodwill to get something for my Halloween assemblage. When I found this baby in the back. This sewing desk called to me. It needed love and it was only $15. Hell yes I will take you home!

Well I got it home and outside so I can give it a face lift. These knobs were a major pain to get off!

I used a power sander to get the glaze off on all the big flat surfaces. Use sand paper on all the fine details. 

I had a lot of leftover paint from the bathroom and thought it would look great on this desk.

I spray painted the hardware silver. I considered black, but I didn't want that huge of a contrast.

I had drawer paper from dollar tree that I thought was super cute and just had in my craft room. Even though the drawer will be full and I will probably never see the bottom. Doesn't mean I can't make it look cute.

I measured the paper and cut it to fit. But before removing the backing I dry fitted to make sure it will fit perfect. I trimmed up some edges and finally got it to work.

Once that was done and the hardware was back on, it's finally done! I'm so happy with it. Unfortunately there isn't a home for it in the house yet. We will be going thru our craft room soon to make it look nice. When we do, we will find it a home. It is too cute to stay in our garage now.

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Jenny said...

Love this so much!


Anonymous said...

WOW- What a great desk! It looks wonderful :)

Vegas Discount Gifts & Shopping said...

Wow, I am always fascinated to see how people can restore an object. Great job.

Thanks for sharing.


Anonymous said...

I love this and have always wanted to do something like this. I admire you! It looks fantastic!

Jessica @

Heather said...

Great job Shana! I need to put you to work on my projects :)


Shannon said...

love it! can you email me the paint color of the desk!It's exactly what I am looking to use!! Thx!! Shannon