My New Job and A New Semester

I have been working at a daycare for about two years and I have loved it. For about a week I have been working on something new at the daycare, finishing a mural. Last year they hired a mother and daughter to paint murals on the playroom walls. Well they were slow and then one day never showed back up to work on it. They didn't accomplish much and for month we waited to see if they were going to return. It never happened. My new class schedules has left me weird times for me to work. Now when they have enough workers with the children I get to work on the playroom murals. I am loving it! I thought I was gonna get tired of painting for 6 hours at a time but no I don't want to leave. When I'm at school I can't wait to go back to Frankfort to work on it. Now that I have my ideas and are alterting some of what they did before I am excited about this. I want to see the finished project. This room is very large and has several themed walls. It will takes months before I can complete it but I can't wait. We have a jungle wall (that I will have to alter), a ocean wall, a fairy tale wall, a constuction wall, a dinosaur wall, and a playground wall. I have the basic ideas how I want all the wall to be, but now is just taking the time to complete them.

This semester at EKU will finally be something I will enjoy. All my classes are major classes, art, education, and child developmet. I am takign sculpture survey and I will be using plaster and carving. I have never done anything like this stuff before. It will be interesting how my work turns out. Also my sorority will competing in Greek Sing. I'm not dancing but I'm kinda in charge of props. Which is many banners to paint. The ideas are already done just got to get sheets and paint to make it happen. So many projects going on I had to drop the Lexington ceramic horse designs. I hope all this large scale painting and new experiences in sculpture will help me grow.
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