Sarah Jane Whitehouse

At the Gallery Hop the other day I saw many great pieces of art, but there was two paintings in particular that caught my eye. I had to find out who this artist was.

Her name is Sarah Jane Whitehouse, she is a native of Lexington, KY. Her website is a bit out of date, but has great information about her background and education.

This is one of the pieces I saw at the art show, "A Slumbered Alchemy." Her other one is the first one that intrigued my interest as soon as I walked into the door. But I could not find any images of it to share with you.

 Her work is very surrealist and I love how it makes me think. As an artist, I like other artists can push my mind to think. Whether it's how did they make that, what kind of materials did they use, what were they thinking, how did they come up with this, etc? It makes me think on a deeper level of creativity. I believe it can doing nothing but make me improve.

Both of the pieces can be found at the Topographic Relief exhibit at the Art Place Gallery. On Tuesday, October 18, from 5:30-7:00pm they will have an exhibit reception. The artists should be there that night to talk to people. I hope I can attend so I can ask Sarah some questions.
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