Crayons Melting for the Crayon Club

Most bloggers out there have seen this project in some shape or form, the crayons melting. Like you I was really wanting to try it, but I wanted to try something different with it. I decided I wanted to add wood letters. I use to work at a daycare called the Crayon Club. I thought making this for them would fit so well. I'm still friends with everyone there.

I grabbed different letters to spell Crayon Club. I liked the funky change between fonts and sizes. The choice came because Michael's didn't have all the letter I needed in the same style. I realized that I like it much better any ways. I placed them all in this box to spray paint them. I had leftover paint and it's so much faster.

Once the letter were dried I hot glued the crayons and letters to the canvas.

Next comes the fun part. Blow drying! Place something underneath it. I put it back in the box. First I was a blond and had it on high..... wax was wanting to go everywhere. One color flying away and I had a light bulb moment and realized it needs to go on low.

The wax would hit the letters and go around. Love it! It was exactly what I wanted it to do.

Here it is finished! I will be giving it to the daycare later today. I hope they like it!
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My Trip to South Carolina for a Beach Wedding

You all probably thought that something happened to me on the way home since I was so absent. My trip home was kinda eventful towards the end: couldn't find bathroom in deep fog (looked like a horror movie set up), being pulled over, rain and curvy roads, etc. It's a long story to tell it all and why it was eventful.

Back from the trip I was so body tired. I've done nothing but go to class, work, and rest at home. Projects have been assigned, I'm working at Michaels all weekend, and I start working at Halloween Express on Monday. Busy... Busy... Busy... I will learn to balance this all and still have 31 Days of Halloween for you!

It was very windy at the beach. We had very rainy weather so we were all lucky it did not rain that day.

These cupcakes were amazing! A local place near-by made them. I had the Coconut Rum and French Vanilla cupcakes. But there was also a chocolate kind.

I did start knitting on this trip. Didn't get much done at all though. Couldn't do it on the beach and didn't have much time otherwise. 

I did work on my sketch book at the beach though. I did alot of planning of where I want my art to go and things to do for this blog.

Myrtle Beach had many weird signs.... I could take a picture of a few. One business was called "Fat Man's Dream: Dogs and Cream" Oh man that is meant to be hot dogs and ice cream but it can easily be perverted. This one building I don't know how they have any business. Oh and make sure you read rule #2 on this parking pass. Really?

On one crazy night I sang karaoke a few times at the hotel bar. It was pretty fun! I dragged my sister up there the last time.

Well this is now when I would be giving away a giveaway. But not a since person entered in it. OK I know it wasn't a fantastic giveaway, I'm a poor college student. It's free though, I thought everyone liked free stuff. So come on everyone, don't be chicken on my next few giveaways.
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Driving Back To Kentucky

Today me and my sister will be leaving Myrtle Beach and heading back to Kentucky. We have a few unaccomplished tasks to take care of before we leave though. We have to gather sea shells for my nephews and get them something from a store. Also my sister is determined to get her back burned so at least she will be even. She would like to stay an extra day but I have school.

Actually my fall quarter at Sullivan starts today so I'm already missing one day of classes. I can't do more. With all those things to do in the morning, my sister will be driving long into the night to make sure we get home. I will be sleeping in the car, because I have to go to class tomorrow!

This may be a hectic but vacations keep you sane. So as long as I keep moving forward things will work out.

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Sewing Desk Repurpose Project

Two weeks ago I went to Goodwill to get something for my Halloween assemblage. When I found this baby in the back. This sewing desk called to me. It needed love and it was only $15. Hell yes I will take you home!

Well I got it home and outside so I can give it a face lift. These knobs were a major pain to get off!

I used a power sander to get the glaze off on all the big flat surfaces. Use sand paper on all the fine details. 

I had a lot of leftover paint from the bathroom and thought it would look great on this desk.

I spray painted the hardware silver. I considered black, but I didn't want that huge of a contrast.

I had drawer paper from dollar tree that I thought was super cute and just had in my craft room. Even though the drawer will be full and I will probably never see the bottom. Doesn't mean I can't make it look cute.

I measured the paper and cut it to fit. But before removing the backing I dry fitted to make sure it will fit perfect. I trimmed up some edges and finally got it to work.

Once that was done and the hardware was back on, it's finally done! I'm so happy with it. Unfortunately there isn't a home for it in the house yet. We will be going thru our craft room soon to make it look nice. When we do, we will find it a home. It is too cute to stay in our garage now.

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Acrylic Painting at Michaels

My painting classes at Michaels have been going real good. I took a break and took a few photos to show how it has been going. These pictures was from my "Fall Trees Reflecting on the Water" acrylic painting.

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October Painting Classes at Michaels

Here is my class schedule of my acrylic painting classes in October. I teach these classes at the Frankfort, Kentucky Michaels through Grumbacher. The cost of the classes is $25 and any supplies you may need to get is also 10% off. To sign up come into the store and talk to someone at the register.

Monday, October 3rd, 6-8pm
Floral - Orange Flowers 

Monday, October 10, 6-8pm
Landscape - Back Allie Bodie

Wednesday, October 19, 6-8pm
Still Life - Artichoke and Garlic

Monday, October 24, 6-8pm
Seascape - Classic Wave

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Road Trip To A Wedding

Today me and my sister will be heading off on a small road trip. One of her sorority sisters is getting married at a South Carolina beach this weekend. Technically she is one of mine too since we are both alum of Pi Beta Phi. So of course I am going to join her on this little trip. Who doesn't want to go to the beach? I'll be gone until Tuesday, but I have posts scheduled so there will be something new for you while I am gone.

On this trip I am trying two new things! I decided to knit for the first time on this trip. I get so bored in the car. Plus I easily get car sickness. I am hoping knitting will be a nice thing to entertain my hands while it's my sister's turn to drive.

The other thing I am trying is my holga camera. I asked for one for Christmas and got it. Well winter was dull so I waited. It got buried in our craft room and I forgot about it. I hope to get some nice pictures with it at the beach.

While I'm gone though....
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I will be picking out the winner when I get home.
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Abstract Painting, Step by Step

"[Abstract Art] should be enjoyed just as music is enjoyed - after awhile you may like it or you may not."
Jackson Pollock

My mother wanted an abstract painting over our couch. Of what, she didn't know. I had picked out a color scheme for this room so it is not mainly brown. My mom approved that so I had an idea of what to kinda use. While I was still thinking though of what to do, I figured I can build up layers.

I had my friends, Heather and Rachel help me on the first two layers of this, since this is a huge piece. We took wall plaster and scraps of fabric to build up texture. We worked the plaster around with our fingers and combs. After that I wanted to sling some paint, so we did. This paint didn't really make a difference to the piece but it was fun!

Next we took bright colors, black, and white that would be used as accent colors in the room to doodle all over the canvas.

You like our water container? One huge hard plastic pool. I couldn't believe how dirty we got that large amount of water.

We loved the pattern and colors so much. Mom not so much. It was too bright and busy. So another layer is needed.

I drew my top layer design on tracing paper on top of the canvas.

I cut out the design and used it as a stencil. As usual of lately, my dog can't seem to get out of the way. He wants to be the center of attention, not my art.

I painted in the background of the design red. Which is my mom's favorite accent color of them all. That way the layer below that comes through the paint just a bit and is completely visible where the tracing paper was.

To finish it I outlined it in black then have it fade out to the red.

I really happy with how it turned out, so is my mother. Since this was for her, she doesn't have the last say. Now that we have this up we need to pull the colors from this painting and pull them throughout the rest of the room.

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