Road Trip To A Wedding

Today me and my sister will be heading off on a small road trip. One of her sorority sisters is getting married at a South Carolina beach this weekend. Technically she is one of mine too since we are both alum of Pi Beta Phi. So of course I am going to join her on this little trip. Who doesn't want to go to the beach? I'll be gone until Tuesday, but I have posts scheduled so there will be something new for you while I am gone.

On this trip I am trying two new things! I decided to knit for the first time on this trip. I get so bored in the car. Plus I easily get car sickness. I am hoping knitting will be a nice thing to entertain my hands while it's my sister's turn to drive.

The other thing I am trying is my holga camera. I asked for one for Christmas and got it. Well winter was dull so I waited. It got buried in our craft room and I forgot about it. I hope to get some nice pictures with it at the beach.

While I'm gone though....
DON'T FORGET! You have until September 27th to enter in the GIVEAWAY!
I will be picking out the winner when I get home.
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Anonymous said...

Be safe & have a great time!!!