My Trip to South Carolina for a Beach Wedding

You all probably thought that something happened to me on the way home since I was so absent. My trip home was kinda eventful towards the end: couldn't find bathroom in deep fog (looked like a horror movie set up), being pulled over, rain and curvy roads, etc. It's a long story to tell it all and why it was eventful.

Back from the trip I was so body tired. I've done nothing but go to class, work, and rest at home. Projects have been assigned, I'm working at Michaels all weekend, and I start working at Halloween Express on Monday. Busy... Busy... Busy... I will learn to balance this all and still have 31 Days of Halloween for you!

It was very windy at the beach. We had very rainy weather so we were all lucky it did not rain that day.

These cupcakes were amazing! A local place near-by made them. I had the Coconut Rum and French Vanilla cupcakes. But there was also a chocolate kind.

I did start knitting on this trip. Didn't get much done at all though. Couldn't do it on the beach and didn't have much time otherwise. 

I did work on my sketch book at the beach though. I did alot of planning of where I want my art to go and things to do for this blog.

Myrtle Beach had many weird signs.... I could take a picture of a few. One business was called "Fat Man's Dream: Dogs and Cream" Oh man that is meant to be hot dogs and ice cream but it can easily be perverted. This one building I don't know how they have any business. Oh and make sure you read rule #2 on this parking pass. Really?

On one crazy night I sang karaoke a few times at the hotel bar. It was pretty fun! I dragged my sister up there the last time.

Well this is now when I would be giving away a giveaway. But not a since person entered in it. OK I know it wasn't a fantastic giveaway, I'm a poor college student. It's free though, I thought everyone liked free stuff. So come on everyone, don't be chicken on my next few giveaways.
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