Refurbishing Update

My IPhone has become my main computer and my laptop is getting pilled under the junk in my room. I check my twitter, facebook, and email on my phone. I would never blog on my phone though. Oh man that would be hard. I need to remember to pull my laptop out and maybe make a space for it when I redo my bedroom.

Well I did do some refurbishing projects, so I just wanted to give you a quick update. I plan on sorting through the stuff in my room. I organized some of our garage so i have a place to put my things while I redo the room. Yay! So I am getting a few things done, even though I forget to update it here.

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Room Layout

How about this class A room layout on Paint huh?....... No it's terrible. Just admit it. Well this is how I want to place my furniture. I decided to refurbish my drawer unit and use it to put the TV on. I did use to have the drawer unit in that spot, so I know it works well there. Then I am putting a tall bookcase in the corner. I have a short bookcase and it is STUFFED! So I want the extra space for book, but also to put my jewlery box on and a box to store medicines. I was afraid to move my bed because I was unsure what to put beside my bed. After doing a few measurements I noticed there is just the perfect amount of space to put my cube storage units on each side. It doubles as side table and storage... so LOVE! I have all sorts of space behind them. Well perfect place to put a floor lamp in each side of the bed. I need some extra lighting so this seems perfect. There is a space for a stand-up mirror beside the shelf. I have used an over the door mirror for a long time, it just doesn't look grown-up. It's going to be my splurge in this project I believe. My window has to become a window seat with faux wood blinds. My dogs jump up there and I had breakables and my incense. I surprised they didn't break anything else besides the blinds (they wanted to see outside). Now I do have a big open wall, but that's where I want to paint the tree mural. I may put a few floor pillows there. My dogs have claimed one of them already. I added a rug in the picture since the room looked plain, but I'll see at the end if it's needed.

This is nice to have this all planned out. I have a very clear mental picture now on how I want my room to look. So excited to get started now!

Refurbished Pictures

When I saw these picture, I knew I didn't want to do much to them. I just wanted to brighten them up, because at the moment they were completely dull. I knew I would paint the frames a bright color and maybe add some color to the pictures itself.

Well that was exactly what I did. I painted the frames to bring out colors that were already in the pictures. Using color theory to make the original pictures seem brighter. Then all I did to the pictures was take some soft pastels and add tints of color. I added a little orange to the yellow butterfly. On the other picture I added slight lines of blue. Also more read and orange to the butterfly. I sealed both pictures and put a varnish on the frames.
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Refurbished Lamp....Somewhat

First project I worked on was the lamp. I saw it and thought grey and a light yellow would be so pretty with it. Then have a cute white/grey/yellow pattern fabric on the shade. That's my idea at least. Well this lamp cost $3.50 and it was in great shape and works well. I had no idea if I was going to have to rework the wiring or not. I did it in 4th grade when I made a soda can lamp. So I knew it wasn't too difficult then if I needed too. But my luck I didn't need the extra time and expense to do that. So I got right away to repaint it. The green part is metal and the brown is wood. So I had to use two different types of paint It would adhere right. After a few coats it looked good, but the two different types of paint stood out. Now I found some varnish and coated the entire thing with it. Now it looks great!

I went to JoAnn Fabrics to find the pattern fabric I was looking for the shade. No such luck. I really wanted a white and yellow colonial pattern. I just didn't find a light enough yellow and major amount of white in any fabric I saw. So the search continues. So until I find the right fabric, this project is at a stand still.
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In My Room I Want.....

A few days ago I posted I wanted to redo my room. Well I looked up what I would like to incorporate in my room and also took pictures of things I need to keep in there. Here they are, this is what is going through my mind.

I need my bed. Just minus the sheets. I like a lot of pillows and bed able to set it up as a couch so when people come over they can chill on it.

This is a new ceiling fan we have. So no replacing here. It has to stay.

Theres my flat screen tv. It needs a new table to be put on and beside that I love it.

I have to have my bookshelf of a bookshelf. This one is full, but I needed it short because it also acts as my bedside table at the moment.

This pillow is the colors of my bedding. There is almost no orange at the moment. So it will be a strong accent color. My comforater is the magenta and dark brown. One color on side and then the other.

I want to keep some of my simple oriental things, like this plate.

I like simple decor and like this angel. Plus I love angels.

This is my drawer unit from forever, like when I was a baby. We repurposed it many years ago and it really needs it again. So what not a better time.

My room is very dark. After the ceiling fan, it became brighter. It's still not light enough. I have one lamp but I need more.

I love this. I am really, really sure I want to paint this on one of my walls. And do magenta blossoms and a few orange.

I have a window with a ledge. I used it to put items on like my incense and candles. My dogs though realize they can jump up there after a few years. It's been a pain. It leaves me to think I need to make it into a window seat so they don't tear up the other stuff I put up there.

I love simple organic decor like this. I just not sure how and where this will work.

These are mirrors but I thought about doing a picture frame arrangement like this above my bed.


Well I decided one day, I wanted to refurbish furniture. Two things lately have influenced me in this direction. One is the HGTV show, Cash and Cari. It was really interesting to see older furniture and design. Well I can't say it was just that though. I also watch Storage Wars, Pawn Stars, and some other storage building auction show just to see the older things. I was such an modern design lover, but I am loving the mixing of the both. A recent blog I started reading about a week or so ago does this. Her blog is It's AMAZING!!! I mean between all the shows, seeing the blog and the amazing stuff she has, and random other projects from other bloggers I decided I wanted to refurbish furniture. I know how to refurbish furniture, but I only did it when it involved something for my house. So it's like maybe something every long while. Now I'm looking for cute things at flea markets and goodwill to transform them into the style it was meant to be. I have found several pieces and I didn't even think what color it should be, the color was screaming to be put on them. I bought several things to get me started. For now I'll just show you all the before shots and show updates later as they are created.

Lamp works great, just looks dull and a great shade.

Someone tried to change up this footstool, just badly. I'm gonna give this stool the love it needs. It very sturdy, just needs a makeover.

These pictures look dull and old. They have dust and a frame that just pulls out the bad color even more. I just need to brighten these up a bit.

I love this toy! It's so cute and natural. I just don't know what I'm gonna do with it. I like it as the wooden form, but no one loved it then since it was only a $1 at goodwill. I think I may just keep this one as a decoration in my room when I redo it. I will love it.

When I told my mom about wanting to refurbish furniture. All she said was start small like a jewelry box. So I see this jewelry box first and grab it. Ok I have it now I can go bigger. Not really though, not enough space in our garage at the moment.

This was just a interesting wooden piece with a hole. I thought I could make it into a clock or some other kind of wall art. I plan to leave the wood the same.

I saw this table and was in love. The top is missing, not big deal. But look at that geometric stained glass underneath. Oh I love. This just sung to me. I know exactly how I will complete this table, you just have to wait and see.
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Poetry and Art - Love Part 1

O, once I thought that love would mean
Happiness forever;
Two hearts that beat with one accord
And wondering never.
If time should come when love would wane
And our hearts dissever,
Or that you'd think to doubt my word-
I am yours forever.

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A Major New Project

I see so many cute ideas for furniture pieces, painting walls, etc, etc on all these different blogs. They are so adorable! And I am so tired of my bedroom. I have had the same color scheme for at least 5 years... same chinese decor even longer... maybe 10 years? I'm only 22, that almost half my life. When I got into design I loved oriental themes and that has always been the decorations I have used in my room since. First it was green, brown, and purple. Then it turned to red, orange and brown. Well I want to change things up, but not really. I have my bedspread and pillows from my dorm room bed set that I do like. I think with it I can bring some like colors in there to lighten up the room. Right now it's really dark. Our entire house is painted in the same color so I am now thinking it's all begining to look dark. So for now I will change my room, maybe work on the rest of the house next. I plan on re-arranging the room, painting it, getting rid of funiture, refurbishing furiture for the space, keeping some oriental themes, and making it feel more open. I'll be looking around for awhile to get some creative ideas and I maybe get some ideas from blogs I read. Because they are all great! Duh! But for now you can see where I am starting and why I want to move on. And yes my room is a complete, complete mess! I have no motivation now to keep it clean and put my laundry back up. So even more of a reason to transform it.

I do have original artwork in there and some posters. I do have that large collage I made in high school for my bedroom and I know it will not go back up. It's so huge though I do not know where to put it. It's on carboard and paper and it's not that supporative either. The framing is molding I had cut and painted, so it's not even really framed. So do I trash it or donate it to goodwill. Will goodwill take something like this? I know family and friends always look impressed when they find out I made it, so I feel bad to get rid of it. So what to do???