Home Improvement Weekend

Labor Day weekend started off with hot temperatures, but now nice and cool. I'm ecstatic about it. It just came with rain, which naturally makes me want to sit on my butt doing something relaxing, not productive. I have been struggling with it all morning. I have a bathroom to paint. I got the paint two days ago, right after I finished my mural, ready to tackle another wall in our house. Couldn't find the time yesterday, but today I have nothing and it would be a perfect day to get it done.....

This long weekend has been a nice home improvement weekend. A friend of my mom's from California is coming in a few days to visit for awhile. She has never been to this house and they haven't seen each other in years, so we are trying to get everything looking perfect. So the little projects like: a curtain rod up, torn up blinds replaced, suction cups on a glass table fixed, drawer pulls put on, clean the clutter, etc have been getting done. Also big projects have been tackled like: the tree mural in my bedroom, bathroom to be painted, bathroom to be decorated, fall decorations to be put up, etc. The house is getting the basic things taken care of then the fall decor is coming next.

We have one thing decorated for fall though. Our coffee table was plain, but when I found forgotten decorations in the craft closet it began to take form. The basket and vase was plain a neutral, and it bugged me. I ran back into our sewing room and grabbed some fall floral flowers we just had sitting in there and arranged them in the vase. Then I thought about the gourds we sold at work, Michael's. That night we went out and got some. Then I had to also add my bling skull to the mix. It was neutral and natural and needed something to change it up, plus I love that guy and he needed a home. So one more thing done! Maybe if I finish the bathroom today and it's not too late I can get the other fall decorations out of our garage. If not it will have to wait until the week.