Starting Off New

I have said it before and I will say it again, the Iphone ruined my blog. Just because I didn't have to pull out this laptop to get on the Internet. I go through spurts of writing and reading blogs and then it stops. In March I had a substitute teacher job that allowed me plenty of free time. I would blog on my off days until I used my Iphone for all the Internet purposes. I love my Iphone, just probably too much that is all. But soon I feel this laptop will once again become a major tool of mine. Why is that? Starting Monday I start college classes again. I get less projects done during that time, but I stay on top of this more. I have to get on the computer to do school work, and whats the best way to procrastinate? By blogging of course. Oh and there is Facebook. But hopefully its blogging, so my blog doesn't feel abandoned again.

So Monday I start classes at Sullivan University for an Early Childhood Development degree. You all know I love the children, and I want to finish this degree! I really do! I just didn't like my other school. Sullivan is small, I mean really small. But it reminds me of Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), my beloved art school. I loved the small class sizes and ten week quarters. The staff are very personable and I love the instructors. You just feel close to everyone, kinda like a family. I wonder if that will change once they give me work to do. LOL. This school is a 20-30 min drive from home and I can get the education I want. So I am happy.

Now though I live in the capital city of Frankfort, we are always small in comparison to Lexington and Louisville near by. But we have been having some new shopping centers being built for some time and I am so excited about what is to open. One is Maurice's, one of my favorite clothing stores. I'm excited. I used to shop at the one in Richmond when I went to EKU, but now my hometown has one. They should open soon. Then I'm also super excited that we are getting a Michael's. No more driving out of town for good art supplies!!!! Yes!!! Oh and I will be on top on everything that goes on there, because tomorrow I start working there! Yep that's my new job! The place isn't open yet. We have to stock the place and training. But I'm in love that I am working there. Plus one of my best friends forever also was hired. We are excited we can work together. We make a great team so we can get this store in shape fast. 

So a new job and a new college, all starting in a day apart. It means one busy girl. So blogging I wouldn't think would happen, but school keeps me on this computer. And I will get to see fantastic supplies everyday that I will want to test out and share. So it makes me think, I may get on here again for a bit. Life happens though, so you never know what to expect, puppy drama, house demolition, and some dates.
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