Pier One Halloweeen Love!

Went by Pier One to check out what they had for Halloween. Now poor college student me could not buy anything. I love that store but it for hopes, wishes, and ideas. Now that I'm a sales associate and know sales depend on paying for my job. I felt bad when people ask me now if I need any help and I have no intents of buying anything. But the store had some great things. Not all I am sharing is Halloween. It had been awhile since I had been in there so I liked a lot of other things as well.

I took this picture for my mom. She loves her zebra and this would go really good in our house. 

These owls and porcupine is made of natural materials. I think they are really adorable!

I like these mini shutter hangers. I need something on my bathroom wall and I am considering something like this.

I love oriental things. You don't see a zen frog everyday.

I love masks for Halloween.

This is neat. I think I could make this. I'm in no hurry to do it though.

I'm starting to love owls... Come on I need to be a Chi-O for this not a Pi Phi. I'll have plenty of angel things to love though once Christmas comes around. For those of you that don't know, these are sororities. Chi-Omega's symbol is the owl and Pi Beta Phi's unofficial symbol is an angel.

I can easily make this. Give me a $5 pillow, fabric glue, and jewels. Done!

Am I too old for a bean bag? I have that mural wall and a bean bag on the floor by the trunk would be sweet.

Mom love the elephants and giraffes too.

Little Buddha man sleeping on the elephant. Look at those baby faces!

OK I have said for years no that when I get my own place, my kitchen will be done in peacock feathers and colors. So this fall peacock feathers and things are everywhere! Pier One has kitchen stuff for it too. ARG! Why can't this be in  few years where I can do this? Oh well, even if peacock feather won't be in style then, it will still be for me.