I Was Gone For A Reason

I have been absent again. It wasn't like I wanted to be this time. I just didn't have my computer around. I have asthma and most of my life was undiagnosed and not treated. I have known about it for the past several years, but apparently it has not been in control. So in the past two weeks I have been to the doctors because it was difficult for my to breath. Last time I went in, the doctor listened for a minute to my lungs and was like "You are going to the hospital." Great...... They directly admitted me. I had tests and they started treatments and by that night I felt fine. So luckily I was only there for 24 hours by the time they let me go. But it was enough to worry my family and friends. I'm 22 years old and get admitted because I can't breath. Yeah it scared them. I looked at it that I'm getting help and shouldn't be here long. So I am home breathing fine thanks to my meds.... in the morning I almost feel like a druggie because I am taking so much. If it's making me healthy then oh well! But going to the hospital sucked.... I HATE NEEDLES! So having an iv in my arm, just in case they needed to give me medicine.I have a lovely picture of it, but I doubt you all want to see it. It's not cute with a little of my blood in the tubing showing.

All my breathing was from poorly treated asthma. My doctors never did explain much to me about it. So in the day I was in the hospital I learned so much! I met with a lung and heart specialist that helped explain simple everyday things that I can and can't be around. My family was determined it was because of paint and other craft supplies why I have issues with it. Thank you Dr. Taha for saying that is not the case. I just have to make sure there is a fan or it's well ventilated. He said hobbies make us live longer so I should never give it up. If it was the other way around I would probably be on here crying, but I am not. So life can be lived as I was doing it, with very slight changes.

My life was thrown off the hinges for a few days, but I think my life will be better off in the future. I'll know more about my asthma and won't have these scares of asthma attacks in the future. You always have to look at the bright side in these situations.
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