Discovering My Style

Most artists chose a a type of medium and subject matter for their art. Two artists I just read about in Art Calendar that I really like have theirs well defined. Ali Cavanaugh uses watercolor on fresco and paints her daughter. Shawn Barber paints portraits of people with tattoos. People can look at their work and known that they were the artist. I am trying to discover what I like from my work I have composed.

When I have assignments from school, I almost always like it. We use all different types of mediums in our foundation classes so everyone can discover what they like and don't like. I haven't had much problems with many mediums. Pencil drawings take too long, ink- not too crazy about, and waiting for the end of the quarter to try out pastels. Just about a week ago I felt like painting, I haven't in a few months. I got started on the project liking it til I got to the face. Then I remembered how terrible I am at painting. I like to paint just not very good at it.
Last fall I used charcoal for the first time. I've done a few still lifes now and I really like how my golf still lifes have turned out. I love golf. I don't play it as much as I should or would like to. I like to play right about this time of the year when it cools down, but I'm always out of state with no one to play with. Anyways..... I think one idea is to do charcoal drawing with a golf subject matter. Still lifes for sure, maybe portraits and landscapes too. I just haven't done that yet.
All during high school, I loved to make collages. My senior year I completed 12 collages along with 12 other pieces. Some were made with paper, fabric, but some (like below) were mixed media. This large mixed media collage uses paint, oil pastels, paper collage, and he added fan. It is almost the length of a twin bed. I like it because I incorporated so much with the collage. I'm thinking another option is to do mixed media collages but less mixed media than this piece. This way I can still play around with other mediums I like.
So for now I have two different options that I like. Charcoal drawing with a golf subject matter and mixed media collage. I think for now to have it this narrowed down is good. I still have much to learn about art, things could change.
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Just Starting Out

Here I am writing my first blog. I'm still a freshman in college but I'm already looking toward my professional art career. I want to have a job with the Disney Corporation when I graduate, but I still want to complete my own art work and make that part of my career as well. I also held a art camp for young children last spring. I think about how much fun that was and keep thinking about holding some art workshops for children and teens.

Later on I may be blogging about my newly created art work, trying to figure out my personal style, and ideas for future art workshops. So here's to my future.
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