I'm actually getting a few things done.

About a two weeks ago I finished this painting of an elephant for my mother. I just now have been able to publish it because I have been busy with a lot of other things. I have been in an art mood lately and I have no time for it. It really does suck. Once I learn to balance everything then I'll find the time to create more work.

I am so happy how the elephant painting turned out. It is acyrlic paint on canvas. This photo was taken in poor lighting and doesn't give it justice. I can't wait to take a photography class so I learn how to photgraph my own work better.

Currently I am working on two Nightmare Before Christmas mixed media on canvas pieces. I planned out four pictures last year and completed two of them and I hope to finish the other two in a week or so. This next week will be very busy I don't know how much will get done. I was hoping to get them finished before Halloween. Not going to happen. I know I can get them finished before Christmas for sure. Here are the two work I finished last year.

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It Has Been Awhile

For a year now things have been unsure. I was having a hard time paying for school and was working full-time. I was taking Elearning classes from Savannah College of Art and Design. Elearning sucked but the classes on campus was awesome. I just couldnt afford the school. Also I was majoring in Graphic Design. I liked it but I was getting bored. It was more work than creating art to me.

After all these thoughts, feelings, and issues, I decided to transfer schools and change my major to Art Education. I am now settled in at Eastern Kentucky University. Midterms are already coming up and Im loving the school. Art might not be the main focus but my current art professor is great and I've seen great professor work. I think everything will be great. My sister also went to EKU and was in the sorority, Pi Beta Phi. I decided to follow her footsteps and also become a Pi Beta Phi. My sisters are great and I know they will help me with my career plans.

So right now I have no studio classes. Its pretty hard to find time for creating my work with everytthing that is going on. Classes, Pi Beta Phi, and still work 15 hours a week in my hometown almost a hour away from school.

I have been working on an acrylic painting of a elephant and should be done soon. Once I do I'll have it posted. I've also looked up art shows either local or in-state that I could possibly try to get in. I really want to build my experience as an artist. I still plan to be a part time artist while Im a teacher. A teacher really needs to do what she teaches if the students want to learn.I kinda want to teach high school art. I really want to help those who want to prusue art or design later in life. High school is a hard time and I think I could help.
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