Lexington Gallery Hop

For two years now I have been trying to attend a gallery hop in Lexington. There was always a reason why it never worked out though. Work, other plans, no one to go with, etc. Last night things finally came together and it was a great night.

I had two of my best friends go with me, Rachel and Heather. We got started a little late, but we still were able to make it to several stops. It was perfect fall weather in the high 60's and a warm sun. Love it!

There was this pretty courtyard garden at this Catherdral.

It had wonderful stain glass throughout too.

Rachel is so happy to see the art, can't you tell!

This artist Stacy had wonderful glass pieces. Rachel looks like she has seen a ghost, this building does have ghost tours....

This place also had a wonderful garden. We sat there for a bit having snacks and wine.

I finally handed the camera off to get pictures of me in the mix.

This painting is so amazing of the material. There is very fine black lines when you get close. Also it appears to have a smooth glassy texture, not paint. It was interesting trying to figure out how it was made.

I don't know what Heather thinks of this piece or not. I liked it though.

Gallery Hop ending with the sun setting in downtown Lexington. Next one is in November. I think we might be going back to that one. The weather won't be as nice I bet though.