Yesterday kicked out the 2011-2012 season for the Grand Theater in Frankfort. This local theater was brought back to life in the past few years. Like with most of our downtown buildings, it was falling apart and not in use. After fundraising and state money for the arts going to the building, I can say it looks very nice. It's nice to hear people working so hard for the arts to bring brought to your town.

Last night for the kick-off they had a Rolling Stones tribute band play, called Satisfaction. I have not seen a tribute band before, so it was something. I know a few Rolling Stones songs (I'm more of a Beatles fan), but I figure it would be still lots of fun.

Well I did like two of the band players, the others were ok.... (Sorry about the pictures, all I had was my IPhone and if they any kind of spotlight on them, their bodies became white in the photos.)

The lead singer here was a interesting fellow. It was really weird to watch him. He definitely thought he was much cooler than he was with his awkward dance/movements. My dad who was with me, had to cover his eyes a lot of the time because it bugged him so bad. His singing was ok.

The drum player could play but he was the only one who did not look the part. His hair slicked back and a polo shirt and slacks, he could have been coaching football. I'm guessing he had no time to get ready after his day job.

The bass player NEVER DID SMILE, not once! He had a stern look. I liked when he sung, because he didn't look pissed at least. He had a Beatles look going on though.

Now these are the two guys I liked, the guitarists! They both had a very natural air to them, they didn't have to try too hard. The guy on the left was too cool to care about others. He was an amazing player too. The funky guy on the right was my dad's favorite. He was the one up there enjoying himself and ran the band. He could sing and be goofy... plus I think he's a pot head. Not that it's a good thing, just he was a real hippie. He could have sung the whole night and dropped the lead singer.

Sorry I was so critical about this band, I just couldn't help it. I still enjoyed my night though. Tonight I will be going to the Gallery Hop in Lexington so I better go get ready.
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