Bathroom is Now Painted

So I start fixing up my bathroom. It was always something I haven't like at our house. Well I was bad and didn't get any before... before pictures. My cabinets were white with plain silver drawer pulls. I just got that painted about a week or two ago. the paint was so screwed up (chipped, peeling, and missing behind our new toilet). Since we didn't have any more paint and I would have to paint a new color. So I decided to just change the color scheme of the bathroom.

This is my dog Buggsie. He greatly needs a haircut. He didn't like that I was spending all my time working on this room instead of paying attention to him.

Look at that paint color! All the colors in our house are warm, browns, and blacks. So this is a major change for our house. But I planned on incorporating some color near this to our family room too so it won't be too drastic of a change.

I love painting small rooms, it goes by so fast.

Now it looks so clean and calming I think.

This is my big plain wall. I need to figure out something to do with this wall.

Now I put my decorations back and it looks good. The color on the wall helps a lot. Now this room still needs work. I do not like the lights or the facet. Oh and the floor is worn. This bathroom is the only place the flooring hasn't been changed.