Driving Back To Kentucky

Today me and my sister will be leaving Myrtle Beach and heading back to Kentucky. We have a few unaccomplished tasks to take care of before we leave though. We have to gather sea shells for my nephews and get them something from a store. Also my sister is determined to get her back burned so at least she will be even. She would like to stay an extra day but I have school.

Actually my fall quarter at Sullivan starts today so I'm already missing one day of classes. I can't do more. With all those things to do in the morning, my sister will be driving long into the night to make sure we get home. I will be sleeping in the car, because I have to go to class tomorrow!

This may be a hectic but vacations keep you sane. So as long as I keep moving forward things will work out.

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Anonymous said...

Be safe on your travel home!