Boycott V-Day Challenge: Wrap-Up Days 26-28

It's almost over! It's almost over! Challenges always become a pain half-way through. I wanted to finish because this challenge has helped me out a lot by getting back into blogging. Now that I'm back into blogging and creating art, I have many ideas on where I want to take this. I have discovered more blogs I can look up to admire. They also have gave me inspiration for where I want to take this. I created a Facebook fan page for this blog and a Twitter account to keep it separate from my personal life. I even created a second blog to focus on my health and keeping it up. So thank you Boycott V-Day Challenge, but I'm not upset to see you go.

Day 26
A picture of someone you miss and an instrumental song

My Pi Phi sisters

Day 27
A picture you took that showcases motion and your favorite song this time last year

Day 28
A picture that can always make you smile and a song that makes you happy that you made it through a whole month of blog posts!

I have loved our Father's Day trip every year. We have stress, maybe some fights, worn out, but it is something always to remember and fun.
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