Derby City Roller Girls vs. Demonlition City Roller Girls

Okay I learned back when I was on the yearbook staff in school that taking pictures in gyms is hard because it has a funky lighting, plus it's all action shots. I learned this past weekend that roller derby qualifies the same way. This was my first roller derby match and I loved it. I just wished they were closer to home. An hour drive isn't very nice, especially when you want to go out after. One of the girls on the Derby City team is a Pi Phi sister of my actual sister. We went to go cheer her on, just to find out this as the first time she couldn't play due to an injury. Ohhh... welll. It was still really great. I plan on making more trips to see them and also make sure Whip It is the next movie on my Netflix Queue.

Well here are some pictures we took. They are pretty bad because of the flash and lighting in the building. Or because we didn't use flash so better color but the pictures are funky. I putting them on here cuz they still look pretty cool.