My Health Changes Today!

Ok I am done! Done with it! I've had weight issues for most of my life. Lately it affected my health.... but didn't take action because I didn't have the money to. Now I've gain a little more weight and I feel fat. Like I feel that my fat rolls are making me feel uncomfortable and feel tight. Ok those daily little things now just make me sick. It doesn't help when an embarrassing picture of me showcasing my fat was on facebook this past week. I tried to ride a mechanical bull.... but I had an issue getting on it. Already tried twice and failed, I stopped and let someone else go for me. But someone had taken a picture of me failing at getting on with my butt and thighs straight shot failing at it. It made me sick to see it. It took a few days but I finally convinced them to take it off. That's what I get for trying something new and being courageous. But what a way to encourage me I can't start soon enough on my health. So that day is today!

So I know this is my blog about arts and literature... but lately it has been about myself. Not the books I've read, art I have created, or the cultural events I have attended. But the thing is I'm having to think so much about myself, to change myself or better said.. improving myself. I'm trying to make a better lifestyle change but still incorporating my love for arts and literature. I still want to create more collages and read the books that are waiting on my shelf... my health needs to be the first thing then relax with the others.

I'm kinda glad I'm not on this road alone. Kara a Pi Phi sister of mine is also blogging and changing her health. Her blog is here: We have different ways to reach our health goals, like she is vegan (I so could not do that) but knowing someone else is facing the same issues as me gives you a support system. Also I was SO SO SO glad that my work at the daycare is starting a Biggest Loser competition lasting 12 weeks starting Feb 28th. I'm not the only one there with weight and health issues. Others are discovering their blood sugar is effecting their health or other things. For the years I have worked there we have complained but still have enabled each other with our bad lifestyle choices. My daycare is part of the YMCA we should be healthy individuals... but we aren't. So this being started there will make others see the changes we make effect our lives. So I better see no more enablers and chocolate in cabinets. I'm glad that there will be such a good support system there now, even when I won't be working there often once I begin to sub in the school system.

Now how am I going to make these changes in my life? I had issues because of money but I should get a pay check soon to help buy healthy groceries. Until then I should have enough in our house to get by. I do like the Biggest Loser show and how they lose weight. You count calories and all the other items you put in your body and you burn more calories than you consume. Everything we do burns calories... even sitting down at this computer. Obviously its not much. Mostly just what your body burn while sitting... I just need to keep track of what goes in my body and increase my body movement a lot everyday.

Here is my plan:
My Daily Intake needs to be in these ranges.
Calories.... 1400-1800
Carbs.... 210-270g
Fiber.... 22+g
Protein.... 53-113g
Fat.... 31-60g
Sodium.... <3000mg
Drink 8 glasses of water a day

Then I need to burn 200 calories a day by doing one of the following for example:
  • Biking casually for 20 mins
  • Bowling for 40mins
  • Dancing for 25mins
  • Golfing and carrying clubs for 20mins
  • Golfing at the driving range for 40 mins
  • Running at 5mph for 15mins
  • Running at 7mph for 10 mins
  • Ice or roller skating for 20mins
  • Tennis for 20 mins
  • Bar tending for 45mins
  • Playing with kids for 30mins
  • Vacuuming for 25mins
I found this site which is really great at telling you daily activities of others about how long it will take you to do daily activities. Thanks Stumble! I also enjoy Wii Fit, DDR and Just Dance so some days may include a lot of wii games. DDR is such a cardio work out. I have dripped sweat before trying to beat a certain song at a certain level... just because it is a video game doesn't mean you sit and do nothing.

Today I plan to play 30 minutes of wii fit and 30-60mins of DDR. Also when I look in my kitchen it seems my meals will probably be egg whites, oranges, tomato soup, rice, almonds, frozen veggies, potatoes, onions, and red wine until I get that paycheck. Time to get creative. Also don't hate on the red wine. I don't care for it but if I have a good day I am going to treat myself with it since a glass of it a day is know to have positive effects on your health.

So here is me wishing myself good luck with this lifestyle change and to stick with it for life.
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Rob said...

Awesome! I know how hard making liofe changes are. I am here if you want / need support, anytime. Love ya!