A Major New Project

I see so many cute ideas for furniture pieces, painting walls, etc, etc on all these different blogs. They are so adorable! And I am so tired of my bedroom. I have had the same color scheme for at least 5 years... same chinese decor even longer... maybe 10 years? I'm only 22, that almost half my life. When I got into design I loved oriental themes and that has always been the decorations I have used in my room since. First it was green, brown, and purple. Then it turned to red, orange and brown. Well I want to change things up, but not really. I have my bedspread and pillows from my dorm room bed set that I do like. I think with it I can bring some like colors in there to lighten up the room. Right now it's really dark. Our entire house is painted in the same color so I am now thinking it's all begining to look dark. So for now I will change my room, maybe work on the rest of the house next. I plan on re-arranging the room, painting it, getting rid of funiture, refurbishing furiture for the space, keeping some oriental themes, and making it feel more open. I'll be looking around for awhile to get some creative ideas and I maybe get some ideas from blogs I read. Because they are all great! Duh! But for now you can see where I am starting and why I want to move on. And yes my room is a complete, complete mess! I have no motivation now to keep it clean and put my laundry back up. So even more of a reason to transform it.

I do have original artwork in there and some posters. I do have that large collage I made in high school for my bedroom and I know it will not go back up. It's so huge though I do not know where to put it. It's on carboard and paper and it's not that supporative either. The framing is molding I had cut and painted, so it's not even really framed. So do I trash it or donate it to goodwill. Will goodwill take something like this? I know family and friends always look impressed when they find out I made it, so I feel bad to get rid of it. So what to do???