Poetry and Art - Love Part 1 WIP

My last Poetry and Art piece doesn't look great. It bugs me. My mom looked at it and read the poem and she was like "That's depressing, who wrote that?" I didn't see the poem as depression but it might be. I've been so out of practice with art, that my color theory sucks! I have a hard time with dark colors and to start off that way wasn't a good idea I guess. This piece has alot of neutrals but with some bright colors.  I'm taking it slow with it, since I want time to look and think over it before placing it together. Also because I have been working hard on my health and my other blog, http://balanceisthekeytohealth.blogspot.com/.

The hardest thing about this pieces is incorporating so many words in a readble fashion. Last time I just painted it as it would be written on a piece of paper and I think that is what made the piece even more weak. Now I'm thinking long and hard how I am incorpoarting it this time. Here is what I have so far...

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