Holga Camera?

I see all these amazing photos from other blogs I would read. Then they began to say they were made with toy cameras. Oh I wanted one then. I like to take pictures(not often), but when I do I would like them to look like that. So I asked for it for my birthday... my family had no clue what it was. So I didn't get it. Since I asked for it again for Christmas, my mom got a little curious and bought it for me. Now I have it and been waitng for good weather to go out and explore with it.

Now that it is get warmer I know I will want to go out and take some pictures. Now I'm afarid. I don't know what to do. I figure I'm gonna have to load it like a 35mm camera. My main concern was that I bought it from online. So can I get these developed local or will I have to ship it somewhere? Same with buying more film? Yes I have a CD but I just don't think it can answer those questions. Just on how to work the camera. Does anyone know? Please let me know..... :(