A New Blog!

Ok I have had many issues I have shared with you on this blog. The thing is they aren't about the arts and literature at all. Both are in my life but as they are separate, they need separte blog spaces. So I welcome you to visit my new blog, Balance is the Key to Health http://balanceisthekeytohealth.blogspot.com/. There will be most of my stresses in life and my journey in my weight loss.

This blog will now be about what it was truthfully meant to be about. I have started a new piece of art last night and hope to finish it tonight. I will post it very soon. Also I'm doing very bad at reading a book a week. I need to pull one out and begin on it so I can do some more book reviews. I'm pretty crappy at them and need more practice.

My laptop will die shortly so I have to go, I will update soon besides the V-Day Challenge...(only 8 days left, yes!)
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