Poetry and Art - Don't Be Blue

When cleaning out a closet a few months ago I found a small old trunk. Inside was all the poems and such my great aunt (my sister thinks great grandmother) wrote. She had a childrens book I read when I was younger and I always remember how I was amazed at her. I have no memory of meeting her and I don't know what she looks like but I know her from the creative side of her she left behind. I can she her thoughts and beliefs from her poems... like I know she was a strong christian. I just hope one day maybe a relative in the future will know me by my art left.

When I found the trunk a few months ago, first thing I did was move it into our craft room under my desk. Those were getting no love in the back of the closet. I wanted to incorporate her poems into some of my artwork. The other day determined to get back into making some art, I pulled out her poems and started sketching visuals for different poems. And that night I got started on the first one I found. I just finished it.

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