What Did I Accomplish In Two Weeks?

About two weeks ago I began blogging again. When I did, my life had changed and I am now on the path to get it back in order. You can check it out here http://sfaesyartwork.blogspot.com/2011/01/good-bye-january-good-riddance.html.

What did I accomplish in two weeks, then? Well I somewhat know what I am doing for work. Well I am a substitute teacher. My old work, YMCA daycare asked if I would like to sub on days when people miss, which is good because I would miss all those kids too much. My real job once my federal background check comes back is substituting for the local school system. I am really excited about this because I can get a lot better classroom experience this way. I am hoping this will start in the coming weeks. I like this but at the same time it's not good. Everyday I don't know if I will be working or not, my schedule will be unpredictable. But at the same time if I need to help out family or to have fun during the week all I can say is I can't work that day. My family still wants me to look for other job opportunities that will be full-time, have benefits, and better pay. I understand it would make some things easier but others harder, like if I went back to school.

I did apply to many places and the places I called back were early childhood learning centers. Well that's where all my experience is and also I had a few offers I turned down. So it made me feel good because these places saw that I know about children well and know how to work with them. I also felt very confident going into those interviews because I knew exactly what the job offered. No nerves like I did years ago at my last job interviews. Also I learned things about job applications, resumes, cover letters, and references. I made mistakes in the process and my family didn't like it, but it was a learning experience. I haven't done that much applying to jobs... probably almost ever. I've held some long-term positions for someone my age.

Well until I can really work and then get those paychecks... the bank account is tight. My dad is an accountant and he is helping with my bills for now and my mom is also helping here and there. I am really thankful for their help. I have a good credit score and just because I'm in a rut I don't want it to drop. I will need it if I have to get a car in the near future.

Now my health??? Well I haven't done a thing with it. Now I know I am still employed with the YMCA I can go for free, but I really don't like working out there. It's far from home and I don't like working out in front of guys. Also I was going to join weight watchers with my sister. Well she has kinda fallen from that wagon and I don't have the money still for the weekly meetings. Plus, I do better with dieting if I go and buy my own foods and cook them. Lack of money means I have to leave that to my mom and it doesn't work that well for me. So real soon I hope to really get a kick start on it.

Staying on top of reading blogs makes me really want to get back into the creative side. I keep getting ideas her and there, but I forget them. I was always such a terrible sketcher to keep track of ideas too. I always just wanted to jump  right in. So as I get ideas I want to do those and forget the rest.... yep I need to work on sketching those ideas done. And also completing projects. Maybe I will do that soon.
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