Its Hard To Work When You Don't Have The Space

My current work place to create my art lately has been sitting in my recliner, supplies on the side table, and a pull up table to work on. Not the ideal work space. Lately it has been a confortable space, but not much space to work with.

With my mom and me both being crafters or artisans in some way we have always had a somewhat sewing room, which is more now a craft room. One half is the sewing supplies and the other is all other crafting and art supplies. A few months ago I organized the messiest parts of our house. Our craft room and garage always become unmanagable. Once I moved back home from my dorm and my mom starting a new sewing project (making scrubs to sale to the nurses she works with), our craft room became a mess once again. My mother is still able to work in there, but I can not.

Most of the mess is on my side of the room but it's not all mine. My mom doesn't put her stuff up and places on my side so then I'm less inclined to put mine up. So here is my desk where I should be working. Just a bit of a mess to clean up.

Now for the next day of the photo challenge. Day 08 - Post a picture from your commute. This was a hard one. I'm normally rushing to work and going straight home or the gym. Sometimes though I stop at my sisters house and will be there all night and never realize it. It is almost my second home. Today I took my nephew home from daycare to his house. This happens at least once a week since his daycare is where I work.

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