It's Almost Time for the County Fair

It is summer and signs are now popping up around town to advertise for the county fairs that will be coming soon. County fairs for me means a time I can enter my art work to make some extra cash. I do not really sale my work yet but I am trying to get to that point that I can by getting my name out there. My artwork being displayed at the fair helps a lot. They recognize me each year and wonder if I am coming back since I am such a big participant. Now I just need to decide what I will enter this year. Maybe by next year I could set up booths in the arts and crafts section at our summer expo that took place a week ago. But until then I will spend my time at our county fair.

The sections I can enter in is the adult section of the art division since I do not sell my work for profit.

Watercolors-Still Life
Oil Pastels
Oil Painting-Still Life
Oil Painting-Landscape
Oil Painting-Portraits
Oil Painting-Animals
Oil Painting-Other
Pencil Sketches
Drawing-Any Media
Acrylic Painting-Still Life
Acrylic Painting-Landscape
Acrylic Painting-Portrait
Pen and Ink
3D Sculpture
Computer Art/Graphic Design
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