Artist Blogger: Megan Eckman

Megan was a nice enough blogger to discover my blog and left a comment. It made me wonder who is this woman? Is she also a artist? Of course she is and she is really good. I am glad so commented on my blog so I could find her. I love illustration. I had a professor tell me once I should minor in illustration but I don't think I can draw well enough for that. Meaning I can't draw people. I can make collages of people just can't draw or paint them. Well anyways Megan blogs like most people what they love and what goes on in her life. What I love is her blogging of her thought process of her pieces. Its so interesting to see how an artist made those jumps into their final project. Here is an example of that on one of her recent pieces she posted "Imogene Coming Home."

The thought process for Megan began after she read the book "Imogene's Antlers." She shows inspiration is always around us we just have to capture it. Please check Megan Eckman's blog out at . It will be a blog I will visit often.
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