Well I decided one day, I wanted to refurbish furniture. Two things lately have influenced me in this direction. One is the HGTV show, Cash and Cari. It was really interesting to see older furniture and design. Well I can't say it was just that though. I also watch Storage Wars, Pawn Stars, and some other storage building auction show just to see the older things. I was such an modern design lover, but I am loving the mixing of the both. A recent blog I started reading about a week or so ago does this. Her blog is It's AMAZING!!! I mean between all the shows, seeing the blog and the amazing stuff she has, and random other projects from other bloggers I decided I wanted to refurbish furniture. I know how to refurbish furniture, but I only did it when it involved something for my house. So it's like maybe something every long while. Now I'm looking for cute things at flea markets and goodwill to transform them into the style it was meant to be. I have found several pieces and I didn't even think what color it should be, the color was screaming to be put on them. I bought several things to get me started. For now I'll just show you all the before shots and show updates later as they are created.

Lamp works great, just looks dull and a great shade.

Someone tried to change up this footstool, just badly. I'm gonna give this stool the love it needs. It very sturdy, just needs a makeover.

These pictures look dull and old. They have dust and a frame that just pulls out the bad color even more. I just need to brighten these up a bit.

I love this toy! It's so cute and natural. I just don't know what I'm gonna do with it. I like it as the wooden form, but no one loved it then since it was only a $1 at goodwill. I think I may just keep this one as a decoration in my room when I redo it. I will love it.

When I told my mom about wanting to refurbish furniture. All she said was start small like a jewelry box. So I see this jewelry box first and grab it. Ok I have it now I can go bigger. Not really though, not enough space in our garage at the moment.

This was just a interesting wooden piece with a hole. I thought I could make it into a clock or some other kind of wall art. I plan to leave the wood the same.

I saw this table and was in love. The top is missing, not big deal. But look at that geometric stained glass underneath. Oh I love. This just sung to me. I know exactly how I will complete this table, you just have to wait and see.
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