Refurbished Lamp....Somewhat

First project I worked on was the lamp. I saw it and thought grey and a light yellow would be so pretty with it. Then have a cute white/grey/yellow pattern fabric on the shade. That's my idea at least. Well this lamp cost $3.50 and it was in great shape and works well. I had no idea if I was going to have to rework the wiring or not. I did it in 4th grade when I made a soda can lamp. So I knew it wasn't too difficult then if I needed too. But my luck I didn't need the extra time and expense to do that. So I got right away to repaint it. The green part is metal and the brown is wood. So I had to use two different types of paint It would adhere right. After a few coats it looked good, but the two different types of paint stood out. Now I found some varnish and coated the entire thing with it. Now it looks great!

I went to JoAnn Fabrics to find the pattern fabric I was looking for the shade. No such luck. I really wanted a white and yellow colonial pattern. I just didn't find a light enough yellow and major amount of white in any fabric I saw. So the search continues. So until I find the right fabric, this project is at a stand still.
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JunkYard Gypsy said...

That looks 10 times better! Nice Job...It's fun to take something blah and make it Pop :)