Room Layout

How about this class A room layout on Paint huh?....... No it's terrible. Just admit it. Well this is how I want to place my furniture. I decided to refurbish my drawer unit and use it to put the TV on. I did use to have the drawer unit in that spot, so I know it works well there. Then I am putting a tall bookcase in the corner. I have a short bookcase and it is STUFFED! So I want the extra space for book, but also to put my jewlery box on and a box to store medicines. I was afraid to move my bed because I was unsure what to put beside my bed. After doing a few measurements I noticed there is just the perfect amount of space to put my cube storage units on each side. It doubles as side table and storage... so LOVE! I have all sorts of space behind them. Well perfect place to put a floor lamp in each side of the bed. I need some extra lighting so this seems perfect. There is a space for a stand-up mirror beside the shelf. I have used an over the door mirror for a long time, it just doesn't look grown-up. It's going to be my splurge in this project I believe. My window has to become a window seat with faux wood blinds. My dogs jump up there and I had breakables and my incense. I surprised they didn't break anything else besides the blinds (they wanted to see outside). Now I do have a big open wall, but that's where I want to paint the tree mural. I may put a few floor pillows there. My dogs have claimed one of them already. I added a rug in the picture since the room looked plain, but I'll see at the end if it's needed.

This is nice to have this all planned out. I have a very clear mental picture now on how I want my room to look. So excited to get started now!