In My Room I Want.....

A few days ago I posted I wanted to redo my room. Well I looked up what I would like to incorporate in my room and also took pictures of things I need to keep in there. Here they are, this is what is going through my mind.

I need my bed. Just minus the sheets. I like a lot of pillows and bed able to set it up as a couch so when people come over they can chill on it.

This is a new ceiling fan we have. So no replacing here. It has to stay.

Theres my flat screen tv. It needs a new table to be put on and beside that I love it.

I have to have my bookshelf of a bookshelf. This one is full, but I needed it short because it also acts as my bedside table at the moment.

This pillow is the colors of my bedding. There is almost no orange at the moment. So it will be a strong accent color. My comforater is the magenta and dark brown. One color on side and then the other.

I want to keep some of my simple oriental things, like this plate.

I like simple decor and like this angel. Plus I love angels.

This is my drawer unit from forever, like when I was a baby. We repurposed it many years ago and it really needs it again. So what not a better time.

My room is very dark. After the ceiling fan, it became brighter. It's still not light enough. I have one lamp but I need more.

I love this. I am really, really sure I want to paint this on one of my walls. And do magenta blossoms and a few orange.

I have a window with a ledge. I used it to put items on like my incense and candles. My dogs though realize they can jump up there after a few years. It's been a pain. It leaves me to think I need to make it into a window seat so they don't tear up the other stuff I put up there.

I love simple organic decor like this. I just not sure how and where this will work.

These are mirrors but I thought about doing a picture frame arrangement like this above my bed.


Heather said...

So...when you get done with those flower blossoms, feel free to come to my house and do some more :)