Artist of the Week : Justin Vining

Ok I have found one of my new favorite artists. I was friend with an artist on Twitter but I never really saw much of his work or knew nothing about him. Today he listed that he uploaded more pictures in an album on Facebook and I decided to check it out. I fell in love. He does alot of painting and the same type of decorpaging I love to use, but haven't been able to use in awhile. On his Facebook he had many images of him working on his work and gallery shows. He goes to schools and talks to the kids. He use to be an elementry school art teacher and now is an law student and full time artist. He is an artist I will be able to get much inspiration from for a long time. Well everything but the law school thing. I'll stick away from that. I have alot of ideas for new artworks to do once summer comes just from viewing his work today.

Oh and Heather.... by the way I know you will notice this from his pictures but he's cute and 28. I know that would be the stuff you would be wanting to know. lol.

On his website he describes himself on his artist profile as:

I am an artist and a full time law student.
Creating is an adventure I get lost in.
I believe in enjoying life and making a difference.
I try not to overlook the small things.
I enjoy hope, beauty, trust and love.
You have to believe in yourself before people will believe in you.

You can also find him at!/justinvining?v=app_4949752878 and Below is some pictures featuring him and his work. I would look up more to share about him but with finals coming up soon I'll have to wait until summer break to find enough time for that. If you have time please look him up he is an amazing artist.

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