Lexington Gallery Hop

This friday, April 16, Lexington will be having their second Gallery Hop of the year. It is best described as on their website :

Now into its second decade, Lexington's Downtown Gallery Hop continues to be one of the city's most entertaining attractions. Five evenings a year, the connoisseurs, the collectors and the curious enjoy open house hospitality at dozens of galleries, museums, artists' studios, shops and restaurants throughout the downtown area. Downtown Gallery Hop was organized to highlight the work of central Kentucky's outstanding visual artists and to encourage people to acquire original works of art.

Since last fall I have been wanting to attend this. I've been to a gallery opening night and volunteered during an art auction in Lexington. I loved the environment. I know I would enjoy something like this, but doing this all on my own doesn't seem appealing. I went to the gallery opening night alone, it was fun, but I know I would have stayed longer if I had company. I don't want just any person to go but someone I know that will enjoy the night as much as I will.

If you would like to check this out more on your own, please check out their website. It contains details about the nights, a hop map, how to volunteer, and how to apply to be part of the hop. http://www.galleryhop2010.com/