Tonight I finally finished reading Inkheart. Its one of those things that I can't believe its finally done. I bought the Inkheart, Inkspell, and Inkdeath while Inkheart was in theaters and planned on reading at least Inkheart before I ever watched the movie. This did not happen though since I was too involved in another series. I watched the movie with my sister first, who had read my books and would tell me how it was different. I can't remember much about the movie none except Brandon Frasier (I love him) and enough that made me picture how things looked in my imagination. I can't even tell you if it was good as a movie or not.

I finally started reading the book the end of last summer. Between me starting classes at EKU and joining a sorority, I didn't really know how to find time to read. My sister was getting impaitent with me and wanted me to stop reading Inkheart to read other books and I did. The book got put on hold for several months. When I finally was reading other books fairly fast, finding the time to read, I decided to pick up Inkheart again. This is why I am so glad to finish the book.

The book was slow to start and hard to get into. It was hard at the beginning especially with the movie so fresh in my head. I enjoyed finishing the book when I couldn't quite remember the movie that well, so the book was my main focus. I love two things about this book, Silvertongues that read out characters from the books and the quotes at the beginning of each chapter that would relate to the chapter at hand. The quotes were amazing, it was from books I have never read or maybe never heard of. It was nice to read a different kind of literature. The quotes, the constant talking of other books and stories, and the characters that love to read made me think about literature in general. Its a really great way to get yourself lost in another world and forget your troubles or past the time.

This is obviously no book review. I did enjoy the book, it made me think about some stuff, but I'll probably never read it again. I do have Inkspell and Inkdeath still to read. I normally read all the way through a series before I begin something new. I think I need a quick read or two between these books. Inkspell and Inkdeath are much larger, but I'll probably read through these quicker since there is no movie to tell me what will happen next.