Artist Blogger: Diane Whitehead

Now I have a few artists blogs as my favorite blogs. I browse through blogs once in awhile to see what work other artists are doing. Just after my last post (that wasn't that long ago at all) I looked at a blog to see what kind of work she has been making. The artist, Diane Whitehead uses color amazingly. A brown bear suddenly has so much color. Her work with color is the trademark to her art. I was about to go to bed but one of her works really caught my eye and I wanted to share it with you.

This is only a glimpse at her work, please go visit her blog, Not A Painting A Day, to view the rest of art. It really is quite amazing.

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Artoutwest said...

Hi Shana, thank you for the nice write up about my work! what a heart warming review. Take Care. Diane