Where Have I Been Lately?

OK I've been absent. I use to write a few times a week. It's been over a week and this month hasn't been too great overall. What I'm sorry to say it maybe a pretty common thing. My free time after work will become a limited thing. I'm sorry to say when I have free time my family, friends, and my artwork does come before my blog. So I'll be posting whenever I can. I'm still setting up a exhibit in m town's Art Walk next month and I'm trying to participate in other local art events. I also have a few pieces already planned to work on, I just have to figure out some color schemes. Here is some photos of the latest piece I am working on.

So I have done some more work on this since the last photo but no batteries, means a dead camera, and no new photos. I'm such a failure. At least I'm still moving forward. This is of my friend Hannah. I used a grid method to draw it because I wanted to get the exact facial features of my friend quicker. The background has changed quite a bit and I'm still not happy with it. The color scheme is really driving me nuts, and frustrating me. After a weekend away I may think of idea though.

Where am I going? Well school is back. Means I'm going to be active in my sorority Pi Phi again. Besides that I work a full-time job and a full-time student in online classes. The option to be ever be lazy on a Sunday won't be until Christmas. My time will stretched to be most beneficial. Lack of blog posts may happen.

PS. My Kick-Ass Creativity Posts will be put on hold. My sister ended up asking for it. I can't write the posts without writing the book. I may begin it back up if I'm still pumped about it when I get it back. If you were really interested in it though, I encourage you just to go out and read it. It may be like other encouragment and self-help books, but it was my first one so it's the one I love.
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