Organizing Trouble

Doesn't this look imitating? A few weeks ago I set out on the mission to organize my mother's room to organize her life and make it more suitable for scrub business. She was just starting out the business. For the past two weeks I haven't been motivated to work on it. As you can see that's my mother's bed. So she has been sleeping on the recliner for the past few weeks. I feel awful. I want to finish this room because my mother can get her room back. But furthermore it means that our crafting and sewing space is finally organized. Where to start? But where to start????? That pile is full of future goodwill items but also personal records and old pictures in photos. So I must look through each piece of paper to decide where to put it.

It's now 9pm and this job has been sitting over me all day. I have yet to start on it. I told my mom it will be my project today. Somehow I keep finding other things to do like, my laundry, catch up on reading blogs, taking care of finances, painting craft wooden figures from the dollar tree, and even organize our laundry room. I can't seem to organize my mother's room though.

My mom tells me I should be on the show Clean Sweep because I can just go in a tell her what she should have and what to get rid of. I can but it's hard when it's someone else's stuff. When it is my own, it is  a breeze. I have to work on it when my mother isn't home. My mom freaks out if I throw away a dingle thing, even a magazine from 1996 and a to-do list that could be 5 years old, but it could have stuff on it she needs. Nope it's trash and she can't stand it. My mom worked all day today and I was off all day and still have gotten nothing done...... :/

Yes right now I am just procrastinating even more right now by writing this blog. How do you start on something this imitating if your heart isn't in it at the moment. It was when I started, now it's been too long since I've worked on it. I guess I just have to dip my toe in a little at a time. Like when the water in the pool is too cold. I'm not one of those just jump in and get it over with it type of people. I have to have the right mentality on  the project at hand.
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