Kick-Ass Creativity: An Introduction

Definition: Kick-Ass (Kik'as') adjective
1. having strong effect on someone or something; forceful; powerful
2. exceptionally good;spectacular, impressive, etc.
-Webster's New World College Dictionary

I've been reading a book called Kick-Ass Creativity by Mary Beth Maziarz. It's a book about an energy makeover for artists, explorers, and creative professionals. I believe many of my friends could also benefit from lessons in this book. I've read a few chapters now and thought I should share some bits that I learned with you. Maybe you will see that you enjoy what I have shared and may want to buy the book for yourself.

The back of the book says:


Looking for a way to fire up your creative process and devote more time to those sparks of inspiration? Now you can kick your creativity into high gear with Kick-Ass Creativity.

Professional songwriter, performer, and workshop leader Mart Beth Maziarz shows you how to tap into your creative energy by aligning your focus, feelings, and desires. Her energy makeover will help you discover where you're stuck and how to move forward to make your big mark on the world.

Kick-Ass Creativity offers a framework full of fun and practical tips for kick-starting the creative process:
-how to overcome resistance, procrastination, and negative thinking
-how to direct your energy to stay focused on your work
-how to jump-start your creativity to tapping into your feelings and emotions
- how to develop a support group

Whereever you currently reside on the kick-ass creative spectrum- novice or master, dabbler or maven - Kick-Ass Creativity will help you find that spark of brilliance that leads to your next thrilling project.

I really hope to write a few bits about each chapter once a week on Monday. So look forward for learning a few bits to jump start your creativity.