Do I Have Too Much On My Plate?

This week starts my third week of my fall semester at EKU, I'm a lead teacher of the Infant II room at my job working 7am-3:30pm, and sorority life of Pi Beta Phi always has something going on. Do I have too much on my plate?

I LOVE my job. I don't want to leave at 3:30pm. I use to closing and want to stay later. Twice my boss has asked me, "Weren't you suppose to leave already?" I bet most people don't hear that. I love the kids in my class. Gosh just being a lead teacher doing lesson plans, decorating the classroom, and being responsible for these children doesn't seem to add extra stress, but it's stress-free. I just enjoy it so much. I would love to just work this the rest of my life and forget about college because I enjoy it so much. Just be a teacher and work on my art. Yeah but I barely get paid over minimum wage. I can't support myself on that. It sucks....

Also at work I have been painting that very large mural. Well with being a lead teacher now, I have no time during the day to do it. Someone from another YMCA branch came over to look at how it was. He asked if I was still working on it. I told them I was. I plan on working on after I clock out at 3:30 to 6pm when everyone leaves. I just have to get on a better schedule to do it.

Classes this semester suck. They are basic gen ed classes that really don't interest me. I just have to take them to graduate. I'm taking all four classes online so I have no classes to attend. But I have a hard time remembering to get online and check Blackboard. The third week just started today and I have already missed several assignments. What a great start huh? Slacker right here! Not really I just don't think to get online at all at the end of my day. I might get online 2-3 times a week. That doesn't work for several things. So my Labor Day weekend has been me completing my school work. Oh and my Labor Day off is getting caught up on my school work and ahead. Fun huh? Yeah the only time I left the house this weekend was to go to JoAnn Fabric's Labor Day sale. Very worth it. I got great stuff for my classroom and for my artwork.

Now Pi Beta Phi. I love my sisters. We just got done with recruitment and we have some great new baby angels. I see online on Facebook where some of my sisters have been hanging out with these great new girls. I feel left out. I'm here in Frankfort and missing out on the fun. I wish my sorority, EKU, my job, and my family were in the same town or area. What makes it so hard on me is that Pi Phi and EKU are in Richmond and my family and job are in Frankfort. I love all of them and they pull at me, trying to tear me in two.  I'm going up to Richmond tonight for our meeting so I hope I get my school work done and can get up there early and maybe hang out with some of the girls before meeting. My lovely sisters, I love you and it is hard to be away. I miss out on too much. Pi Phi is still very important to me and close to my heart.

Now I told you how I was organizing an exhibit for Frankfort's Art Walk on Sept. 24th. It's now September 6th and in the past few weeks I have done nothing with any of it. I am getting so far behind. These woman that were helping me are probably thinking I'm slacking on it. I'm trying not too. I keep thinking I haven't had time to email and organize things. And these last few weeks I have been non-existent on the project. I know one woman has been doing some work but I don't think the other is. I really need to find some time to work on this again today.

Well here has been my life. Blogging hasn't been mentioned or making my artwork because all the rest of this very important and has deadlines. I haven't been able to do either in weeks. It really sucks. My sister brought over her old scrapbooking cabinet and I added it to our craft room. When I did I rearranged a few things and cleaned up my desk. I could see my incomplete collage, supplies to finish decorating my mirror, and fabric to make into pillows.

So I have always been pretty good managing my time. I just got tons of new responsiblities thrown on me at once. I'm gonna rethink how to manage my time better. If it's driving to the Starbucks during my lunch to work on homework (since they have WiFi), staying after work to paint the mural, spending my weekends finishing any incompleted homework, working on the Art Walk exhibit after work, and if at the end of the day and everything is completed, finding time for blogging and my art work.
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