Exciting News and Improvements All in One Week

I do not know where the time has been this week. I haven't been able to read and write a single blog. I haven't really found time even for Facebook. Otherwise it has been a pretty interesting week for me personally. One thing I was really excited about was that my boss finally was able to get a guy to bring me a tall ladder from another YMCA branch. If you didn't know, I am painting a mural on the playroom walls at the daycare I work at. I've had a height issue, with my step ladder I still could not reach the top of the wall. I now can climb up and reach the ceiling. I can actually finish painting some walls for the murals. This week I haven't been able to paint too much, but it has been awhile since I have updated about how much I have gotten and thought I should share. If you want to see past pictures of the room you can view them on some older blog posts here: http://sfaesyartwork.blogspot.com/2010/04/getting-somewhere.html and http://sfaesyartwork.blogspot.com/2010/01/my-new-job-and-new-semester.html . A lot has been done to the walls, but they couldn't be completed before. Seeing it coming close to becoming completed I think not only does the ceiling need to be painted white but so does the poles and beams. The red metal stands out a lot and I would like to see it blend in more. Also in these pictures is alot of things in the way to view the walls good. The room has been used as a classroom for childcare teachers to receive certifications and also toys that need to be transported to other YMCA branches. They had their last class this past week and I hope they take the toys away and clear out this room so it will look closer to the big open playroom that it will be.

Yesterday I got exciting news! I recieved a phone call at work from someone from the Downtown Frankfort Interest Board. If you didn't know I live in Frankfort, KY. Though we are the capitol of our State we didn't have too much going on in interest of the arts. Always a thing here or there randomly and they were never big. Or so I thought. Downtown Frankfort has many independent stores, resturants, and shops. The board wants to encourage the growth of this wonderful environment. In June they had a thought of an Art Walk. In only a month they were able to set up 22 stops with wonderful feedback I hear. There is only a gallery or two in the area so many local shops and resturants feture independent artists to decorate their space. I had no idea. Plus the woman who helps pairing up independent artists with these shops is actually a daughter of one of my dad's good friends. My dad would talk about how a great sculptor she is, but I have never seen her work.

The reason they called me though was after the Franklin County Fair they saw the newspaper article announcing the winners in the art division. They had a great idea of setting up an exhibit to feature the work of winners in the fair. They contacted people from the fair about who would be good people to help set this up. Amazingly my name was one of three brought up. I enter my stuffin the fair to make a little money and also get my name out in the community. I guess it's paying off. I was so excited!.... and still am of course. It was so random, but so great.

So now the next Art Walk is September 24th. That night we have our last community Summer Concert Series and it's the night before the World Equestrian Games begin. We have people all over the world staying in our town and all over our state. We really hope the people from these countries will come out and enjoy a night in the local community before the games start. They can attend the Art Walk and the Summer Concert Series. So not only that night am I organizing and managing Franklin County Fair Art Show Winner's Exhibit but my work will also be featured in it. We are also able to put are work up to be sold. I really hope some wonderful things will come from  this great opprotunity. So obviously a lot more to come as I work on this. :D!!!!!!

I just played around with some collaging techniques this week and this is what I came up with. It's a little interesting. I'll play with some more but I think I love the collage portraits I do more.
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