Posting Every Day Is Hard

This photo challenge made me realize that posting every day is very hard to do. Days I knew I would not be able to get to my laptop, I would have to write them the day before and set to post the next day. I missed the photo challenge yesterday and won't be able to catch up until this weekend. My sister has a deadline to finish her book in 2 weeks. To help her I will be watching her boys and providing ideas when needed (so I must be current with her writing). Also artwork is due for the county fair on Sunday....... oh I have two pieces to finish, and three more I planned on completing. I still have to mat the pieces. Oh did I tell you my brother and sister-in-law just got their first "house" together. They are having a party to celebrate on Saturday for friends and family. What is free time?

Also this photo challenge has made me realize that I not doing as much with my art. I love photography, but it's not my forte. I want to focus more on my work and projects. That's what I am trying to grow and improve in. I'm still participating in the Get Prospective project. I just can't do this every day any more. I will finish though, just probably not until Saturday.
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