It Has Been A Busy Week

This week I have been busy and I have been unable to get on the Internet. Sleeping has been my friend though, so that felt nice. Last Sunday after reading Cloth Paper Scissors Studio Summer magazine, I felt had an epiphany (hope that's spelled right) to how to make my mom's bedroom and our craft room more suitable for my mom's scrub making business. It would also allow more work space in the craft room for me. Internet was out from moving the stuff around since the modem was in my mother's bedroom. It's not done yet, but it is work-able now for the weekend sewing project.

College is starting up soon, for sorority women means preparing for fall recruitment. I was needing to get a fuchsia dress to wear one night. I could not find one that was long enough or appropriate. So the crafty girl in me decided to sew a dress then. I bought the fabric and pattern over a month ago, I think. Well mom has been busy sewing scrubs, I haven't sewed really since grade school, and I needed help. I sewed a pillow first to make sure I wasn't going to completely screw this up. Now I need the dress this Friday so I can show it to show my sisters. That way if I screw this up (I really hope I don't), I have some time left to try and find one again. So today and tomorrow will be my sewing days to start and complete this dress. Wish me luck! So I don't have to worry about it during the week when I am working and possibly working and organizing my mom's room again.
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