Photo Challenge Day 14

Day 14 - A picture taken with your cell phone. This was one taken a few months ago. I was driving home from my college campus on the interstate and my tire blew. I knew I had a leak in it but didn't realize it was that bad. It was a cold night, phone almost dead, and I didnt want to waste my gas. So instead of leaving my car run, I just had the battery running for my phone. Yeah...... my car battery also died waiting for my brother to come and help me with my tire. Now I have another tire with a leak in it. I tried to get a patch but they said they couldnt do it because it has a tear. That was two weeks ago when i found that out and I have yet to get a new tire. I know I'm asking for trouble. I'll need to get one soon, since I will be driving on the interstate twice this coming week.
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Krystal said...

despite the situation, it's a cool picture :)