Guest Post: Design DNA

Today is my birthday! I'm having a few close friends for a Halloween card night for my birthday. I have made lots of goodies and will share them soon. But I have a very special guest blogger today, Corie from Design DNA. She and her family does amazing Halloween decorations! I personally love one of their newest post about their man-eating plants.
I'm Corie from Design DNA and am honored to have been asked to be here by Mankind's Fascination with Self-Expression.
Design DNA is made up of 1 part Big Sister (That’s Me) and 1 part Little Sister (Jaime).  Originally from Ohio, we’ve come from a long line of creative genes!  Grandma and Mom participated in craft shows decade after decade exposing us to all things DIY.  Aunt Merri has been our Halloween Inspiration over the years passing on her passion for creative costumes and creepy crafts. 

I now live in Arizona and Jaime remains in Ohio but that hasn’t stopped our crafting minds.  In addition to Jaime’s 2 beautiful children, her creative passion resides in making people beautiful {she’s a hair stylist} and planning parties.

I’m more of an introvert so the party hosting isn’t where I’m most comfortable – making inexpensive party favors and decorations is what makes me happy.

When our powers unite, think of the things we can accomplish! {Insert evil laugh}

DIY Apothecary Jars

Halloween is my favorite Holiday and I'm very excited to begin planning for my sister's 3rd annual Halloween bash! There is something gratifying about making my own decorations and if I can save money while being creative then what a bonus!

I've seen these specimen/apothecary jars all over the Internet so I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon.

Candy jar and candle stick holder form the Dollar Store

Each specimen jar consists of:

  • A candle stick (Dollar store and Savers)
  • Jar with lid (Dollar store and Savers)
  • Wooden finial (Hobby Lobby) - Chess pieces would work!
  • Wooden base (Hobby Lobby - I only used a base for 3 of the jars)

I primed everything with the exception of the clear jars - then sprayed them with a combination of black matte and black stone spray paint
With a heavy duty glue (I used E6000) adhere all of your pieces together.

"The base bone's connected to the candle stick, the candle stick's connected to the clear jar, the clear jar's connected to the lid, the lid's connected to the finial....."

  • The labels are from the Martha Stewart Collection at Michael's
  • The body parts are from the Dollar Store


Design DNA said...

Thanks for having me and Happy birthday :)


melissa said...

very artistic! i love it

Heather said...

I love these! I need more time for this kind of stuff.