This Halloween craft I found in Disney's Family Fun Halloween Edition 2011. It a pretty easy project that you can get some of the kids involved in. Also I only spent $1 on each of them, because I already had the other things (black construction paper, hole punch, modge podge, black paint). More than likely you do too.

I got these glass containers at the Dollar Tree. So $1 for each one you want to do. I got different sizes and shapes to see which would work better.

 You want to take black construction paper and tear strips, then small squares from them. Using a hole punch, punch two holes in each square.

Take the Mod Podge and a brush to adhere these squares to these glass containers. You want them to overlap, but do not cover the holes you punched out.

I found that it was easier to adhere these squares to the square container and the tall cylinder. The round ball shape can work, it just takes a little more work and time..

Once dry, take a small brush and dab small black dots in each hole to make them appear as eyes.

I added the tall one next to my BOO letters and added a candle inside. I found the short ones better because the light from the candle was able to go through the eyes more. But I am very happy how this project went.