Frankenstein be Jamming!

Yesterday I did something crazy. I started a new job and then 6 hours later I quit. I mean it wasn't that bad of a job. I'm just a full-time student, I work at Michaels as a Sales Associate and the Fine Arts Instructor, I'm a substitute teacher, I'm painting a mural for a daycare, and plus I have this blog to manage. For some reason I thought I could handle another job.... I was so wrong. I was a mental stress mess the entire time when I was working, worrying about when will I get my homework done, will I get enough sleep, etc, etc. I had never done anything like this before.

So my question to you, have you done anything like this? I'm still freaking out that I did this. I hope to hear your stories and maybe they will help me feel better about my crazy decision.

I love making Halloween playlists every year. Most songs travel from list to list every year, but new ones come and old ones go. So I already went thru to see which ones made the cut. This playlist will be played for the rest of the month to be sure. Visual stimuli can't be the only thing to get you in the Halloween spirit, you need to listen too.

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