Catching Up With Blogging

Ok for at least a month (but it feels like more), I haven't been reading any of my blogs and only wrote a little. I finally at least glanced at every blog I missed. So I feel really out of touch with all of those I read about. Which if you read about me and don't know me in person, you probably feel the same way since I haven't wrote in so long.

Welllll..... Art Walk is over. It was a really nice experience. I got to meet many artists in the area and never knew how many there were. I got to set up the exhibit for the Franklin County Fair Winners in a newly refurbished building in downtown. Well the exhibit could have gone the best it could since people who had to drop off work got confused and the inability to contact many of them. Best I could hope for. In that same building 6 floors up were some artist studios. I was in love! This is the tallest building during that time, so those floor tower over the rest of downtown and have GREAT views...... My friend, Heather who helped me that day is also an artist. I was practically begging her for us to have a studio together. They are about $300 a month, I think. Even if we spilt it, it would be hard to manage. So it's a dream.... The artists up there were really nice and said more artists need to move in, since it's also open for office space. Rather make it an artists community. I don't blame them.

Also at the Art Walk I got to see International know glass-blown work. My dad almost had a heart attack when I was standing a foot away and saw that the price tag was $25000. Yep I don't want to break that and buy it. Also plenty of guerrilla artists, performing in the streets. Surprisingly, my dad was able to figure out what many of them were doing, though he had no idea what they are. He doesn't understand much about art though. I just wish to be able to have my own exhibit space another time.

My mural at work........... I feel bad. I don't even know when is the last time I worked on it. I keep on saying "oh Ill do it next week" "I couldn't find my headphones", etc. Just excuses. I want it done but I so ready to move on. It was such a big project to take on by myself. My concentration for it is gone. I need something to shock me back into the inspiration I need to finish it and it can be done.

A deadline is also approaching for this Artists Against Poverty Silent Auction. It's next week..... I'm a little freaking out since I knew about it for two months and have yet to do anything for it. I just need to make my submission and hope some of my current pieces make it into the show. Not only does it go toward a good cause, it gets my name out there, and I can make my first profit from my work.

Yes that aside, I have never really tried to sell my work before. I put two things on etsy just to see what happens. Yep nothing. I keep wanting to get serious and make that step into selling my work. We have a local band sale in December and a Expo sale in June that craftsmen have booths into sale their work. I told my mom I wanted to be in the band sale this December. Then I changed my mind. I don't have the time to be prepared for something like that. Then I read a magazine, saw a few images, and had a few ideas of things I can make that I can sale along with my artwork at the band sale. Now I am excited. I made one things to see if my mom likes it and she loves it. For now, it's a secret. For the past two days that's what I want to work on.

Well there is the update. I just left out most of work, school, and sorority life all together. Now I want to get back to work on some planning for some future projects.
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