Michaels Halloween Love!

So I am a Sales Associate at Michaels and I love it. It's really bad for my crafting addiction though. One of my best friends work there with me and she keeps telling me no and to put it back. But I like it! So I just have to go shopping when she's not there. No matter what I won't have enough money to buy all the things that I love there.

Well Halloween things have been out for awhile and I want to show some of my favorite things. I have to see them everyday when I work and basically drool over some.

I think my sister needs this in front of her house. To warn others about her two boys and hyper dog. :D

I like this, but I think it should be a do it yourself project. Like book covers for the books you already have.

When my paycheck comes, I will be getting several of these bags. I found a mixed media craft last halloween that called for these and was clueless on where to get them. Now I know!

I want to have a Halloween day with my nephews and niece near Halloween. And do some crafts, like paint these spiders.

LOVE THESE STICKERS! I never understood how these got so popular and cute? I would never like it on a guy, but they are cute to play with.

No I bought these adorable stamps already. Only $1! Now I just need some ink. I haven't used stamps in so long, I bet mine are all dried out.

This skull I drooled over everyday since we put it on our shelves before we opened. I love the Bling Skull! There was only one left and I HAD to get it! People don't understand my love with this skull.

I can't wait until October so I can decorate!

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